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From October 1st 2013, operators of Petroleum Exploration and Development Licences (PEDL) are required to apply for an environmental permit to operate new onshore oil and/or gas exploration or appraisal facilities under the Environmental Permitting (England & Wales) Regulation 2010, as amended. The permitted activities include:

  • A Mining Waste Operation, for the management of extractive waste, whether or not this involves a waste facility;
  • An Installation, for flaring of waste gas using a flare which has the capacity to incinerate over 10 tonnes a day;
  • An Installation, for the unloading, handling or storage, or treatment of crude oil;
  • A Water Discharge Activity;
  • A Groundwater Activity, such as an indirect discharge of pollutants as part of high pressure high volume hydraulic fracturing; and
  • Radioactive Substances Activity, involving the management of waste that meets the thresholds for radioactivity set out in EPR 2010.

Existing onshore oil and/or gas facilities are expected to follow the Environmental Permitting (England & Wales) Regulation 2010, as amended, to ensure all current permits held are updated in accordance with this legislation.

Zetland Environmental has successfully prepared and managed numerous environmental permitting applications for a range of operators including high volume hydraulic fracturing. To date Zetland Environmental has an excellent track record having had all applications approved by the Environment Agency. We have established a close working relationship with the Environment Agency which, without doubt, has contributed to our success.


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