OESG SME Event Scarborough

Jonathan Foster, managing director of Zetland Group and Lee Petts managing director of Remsol – both founder members of the Onshore Energy Services Group (OESG), recently brought together local business owners, existing oil and gas supply chain companies and senior oil company executives for a hugely successful ‘OESG business opportunities’ event held at the Spa Conference Centre, Scarborough.

The event, held in April 2016, highlighted potential opportunities available to local business owners through increased oil and gas exploration within North Yorkshire. Key speakers included a local business owner, the Principal of Scarborough University College and existing supply chain member describing their experiences and future requirements, followed by presentations from Cuadrilla Resources, Egdon Resources, IGas Energy, Ineos Resources and Third Energy UK Gas, setting out their future plans for North Yorkshire and how it relates to future business opportunities for local business owners.


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